The Changed: A Novel

Cover for The Changed


For five months, a father in Lincoln City, Oregon has kept himself and his two young sons alive by following two essential rules: stay hidden, and stay silent. The Changed — the cannibalistic, red-eyed remnants of his friends, neighbors and family — have relentlessly turned the city of his birth into all-too-familiar graveyard. Now they are searching for him, and time is short. Even as they scrape chunks of their latest victims over his doorknobs, he scrapes at the last of his water, his food, his faith… and his sanity.

With the aid of the city’s last, broken survivors, he must escape the teeth of a merciless enemy and save the lives of his sons. But can he save himself when he discovers the mind-breaking truths about his children, his missing wife, and his own desperate acts of survival?

Available today on Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback.



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